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Ceramic Coating Packages & Prices

We provide the best hands-on ceramic coating available out there in Tampa!
Our state-of-the-art nanotechnology ceramic coating has self-healing properties to protect the vehicle’s paint from external damage.

Why spend so much money on a vehicle, to have it get scratched right after you purchased it?
Let us prevent that and make your vehicle still new the same day you purchased it.

1 Year Ceramic Coating

$450+- Starting Price

2 Year Ceramic Coating

$700+- Starting Price

3 Year Ceramic Coating

$850+- Starting Price

4 Year Ceramic Coating

$1000+- Starting Price

5 Year Ceramic Coating

$1200+- Starting Price

Reasons To Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle

  • Super High Gloss

    Leaves the surface super smooth and a candy-gloss finish. With our paint correction bundled with the ceramic package, your vehicle will look like new for a long time!

  • Protect Against Debree & Rocks

    Eliminate minor scratches & nicks in your paint with our included paint correction service. Lastly, we will protect the paint with our ceramic coating. Why spend money on paint correction when you are going to drive and have it get scratched almost instantly by wind erosion?

  • Hydrophobic Effects

    The ceramic coating will leave a hydrophobic layer which causes water to bead off the surface. This helps easy washes and prevents water spots and accumulated moisture.

  • Saves 1/2 Washing Time

    The protection from the ceramic coating makes the cleaning process 100% easier!

  • No More Waxing

    When you get your vehicle ceramic coated from us, we always will do our best in making sure the paint is the best it can be. The ceramic coating will make it always look new.

  • Improves Resale Value

    Ceramic Coating your vehicle or boat will increase your investment's value! This will allow potential buyers that you have taken care of your investment!

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Mobile Ceramic Coating in Nada Problem Solutions Mobile Ceramic Coating in Nada Problem Solutions
Mobile Ceramic Coating in Nada Problem Solutions Mobile Ceramic Coating in Nada Problem Solutions
Mobile Ceramic Coating in Nada Problem Solutions Mobile Ceramic Coating in Nada Problem Solutions

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is applying a coating to the exterior of your vehicle to protect against harmful elements and external paint damage. Our Ceramic Coating has self-healing properties and protects your paint from rust, sun, water spots, insect acid, bird droppings, and acid rain. Not only Ceramic Coating will protect your paint, but it will also always make your vehicle look brand new!

Is Wax Better Than Ceramic Coating?

Waxing your vehicle or boat is one of the best ways to regain that shine back. 

However, the wax layer will naturally come off in a few weeks or up to a few months. 


We will leave a layer of the ceramic coating after we paint correct your vehicle ensuring that it is always looking brand new! 

Ceramic Coating will last longer and is more efficient than wax. 

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Ceramic Coating can last for years if kept up to update with maintenance.

This also depends on what kind of Ceramic Coating Package you select.

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