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What is Glass Coating?
And How It Can Help You See Better & Provide A Safer Ride For You and Your Family

Our glass coating leaves a coat on the window causing all the water and dirt droplets to repel off of any glass surfaces. Our glass coatings are professionally applied with nanotechnology coatings.

When it rains, you will be able to see the road clearer 100% guaranteed. 

Is Glass Coating Really Worth It?

Absolutely Yes! There is no reason why not to get the glass coating. 

  1. Clearer visibility of the road
    Under heavy or normal rainy conditions, you can always expect a safer drive. The coating allows all the water and dirt droplets to roll off the windows allowing you to have a clearer view of the road. 
  2. Less Glare From Headlights
  3. Prevents Water Spots
    Increases defrosting speeds up to a year. 
  4. More resistant to wiper wear
    Strong crosslinking effects within the coating are created to resist the high amount of wiper abrasion when using your wiper blades. The coating makes the glass’ surface slicker and easier for your wipers to move therefore less stress on your wiper motors.
  5. Paintwork safe
  6. PPF & Vinyl Safe

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Glass Coating

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