Glassparency Product

What is Car Glass Coating?

And How It Can Protect You & Your Family and Friends.

Car Glass Coating is a professionally applied type of nanotechnology coating suited for all types of glass surfaces, leaving a coating on the window causing water and dirt droplets to repel off.

The coating creates a super water repellent on the surface causing the water droplets to roll off.

Water Repellent Coating

This is perfect for rainy weather conditions as it leaves the window or windshield water-free leaving you with the perfect vision of the road giving you the best safety measures for your family and you.

Reasons Why You Should Apply Glass Coating on Your Window

  1. Clearer visibility of the road.
    Under rainy weather conditions expect a safer drive. The coating allows for clearer roads and less glare from headlights.
    The coating will make all rainwater roll-off at the speed of 50km/h.
  2. REACH compliant ceramic coating.
    We use high-quality coatings such as IGL Coatings for every spa we offer. Their product is under regulation and is to improve the protection of human health and the environmental risk posed by chemicals.
  3. Applies super repellent water coating.
    Improve visibility under any condition. If you are taking your vehicle out for mudding, expect this coating to give you clearer vision than without no coating.
  4. Prevents water spots.
    The coated surface will always repel rain and dirt and increases defrosting speeds up to a year. When rain falls, this coating will protect the surface from leaving any water spots.
  5. More resistant to wiper wear.
    IGL Coating Technology creates a wiper resistance within the product. Strong crosslinking effects are created to resist the high amount of wiper abrasion when using your wiper blades. The crosslinking effects make the smooth slicker and easier for your wipers to move and it relieves stress on the wiper motor.
  6. Paintwork safe.
  7. PPF & Vinyl safe.
  8. Applies to all glass surfaces.
    Water contact angle that holds and surpasses a degree of 110. This retains close to this angel for a long period.

Our Window Coating Deal is $60.00+ including professional installation, price is dependent on what type of vehicle.

When we apply this coating to your windows, it prevents water from leaving water spots on the surface.  

Another plus from the nanotechnology coating is it modifies the glass surface to be more resistant to wiper wear.

This is all safe to paintwork, PPF, and vinyl. Yes, this works for ALL GLASS SURFACES!

Protecting your family always come #1! This coating will 100% give you and your family better safe driving conditions during heavy rain.

The coated surface will repel rain at the speed of 50km/h, 30mph~, dirt, and increasing defrosting speeds up to 1 year!

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